The history of PhatBlox


The history of PhatBlox Sk8spension and how it came to be - Mr. James W. Rotondo

The story is true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

PhatBlox  Sk8spension is a revolutionary product that came about out of sheer necessity to find a board for me with a dash of desired control. So, I used to have the coolest long board skateboard ever. I don’t remember what brand it was because I really never looked, I just loved cruising with it..

Early one day I went out to the garage to grab my board and go cruising the parking lots with my son. To my dismay my board was not around. As in missing, completely gone, not there in anyway. How could this be? My only answer was that someone grabbed my board one day while the door was open. I could not accept this as an answer – “Someone Stole My Board Right Out Of MY Garage!!” It took a while for this to set in; that someone really had the guts to steal another guys board right out of the garage.

So, I set out on a mission – I began the search for a new long board. WOW I found thousands of boards – all over the place – so many stores, and so many different boards on the WEB. but NOTHING for me!

Like other people when you need to vent – you start to BLOG. You guessed it, what I found was not a new board, or even any good recommendations. What I found was many other people seeking exactly what I was looking for. I found a highly recommended skate shop in my area – my plan was to go speak to the guys at the shop to really see someone face to face. Guess what, not only did I not find anything, but I found no advice or even suggestions to my request. My decision was clear – something needed to be done. I began the development of PhatBlox.  After a few weeks I had my first prototype. I finally had my first version of PhatBlox, but I had no board to try it on. Off I went, to yet again another recommended skate shop that I had not gone to previously.  It was midweek, and mid-day, I remember this very clearly. I walked in the door, and paused. The guy at the counter turned to look up at me, and slowly shook his head, and said “ Dude, I got nothing for you – man”.  I had not even told him why I was there yet. so I brushed off his comment and asked to see his longboards.

From my research I knew the hot names to look for – such as Sector9, Loaded, Arbor and Original.  So I pulled down a 48” Sector9 pintail, complete board off the wall and was giving it a good look over.

When I dropped it to the floor the sales guy said to me “You're NOT going to stand on that board man !!”  I smirked and said, “I sure am” the sales guy said, “Then I want your credit card to hold, cause if I hear this board crack in anyway, I need you to pay for the board.” I agreed, and got up on the board and stood there for a second. Then all of a sudden I started to jump up and down on the board. Laughing all the way the sales guy ran to his register and said,  "I’m running your card dude !!" My response was – "Please do, I am taking this board !!" We laughed about this exchange for a bit, as I explained I just wanted this board that I had heard so much about.. He repeated to me that I really should not be riding this board, and I was simply too big for the board, as I tilt the scales at just over 300 pounds.  I took the board back to my shop and completely tore the board down and began to rebuild it using the PhatBlox Sk8spension system.

It’s at this point that I must state that I chose the name PhatBlox because of using “Phat” in context of being extremely cool, and it has absolutely nothing to do with me being overweight and all. Now for the true test,  Once I rebuilt my board, I took it for a nice long ride.  Wow – it was amazing, got that great feeling back and had a smooth cruise with my new board. Satisfied with my victory, I hung my board on a cool little hanger I made for the wall in my shop – the hanger simply holds the board by the front door so on my way out I can grab it easily.

Let's skip forward a few days… when I’m in my shop working alone, on the phone- when one of my friends comes by. He sees me on the phone, turns around and grabs my board off the hanger and heads out for a ride. I was stuck on this call and didn’t have a chance to say anything before the door closed and he was gone.

Tom is about 6’4”,  270lbs and 54 years old. He comes back in about 10 minutes, runs in the door and screams “Holy crap – this board is fantastic, I mean it rips and carves. So what did you to this board?” I wouldn’t tell him anything, so he stares at me and in a funny voice says,  “Dude I haven’t been able to get on a longboard in years, and this really brought back great memories and desires. I don’t know what you did to this Awesome Sector9 board, but can you make one for me? I told him to go get any long board he wants, and to bring it to me.. REALLY almost any board? YES Any board. Funny; I sent him back to the same store I bought my Sector9. Imagine the sales person, expression to see Tom walk in the door, looking to buy a board. I am laughing as I write this. {funny stuff here} He came back with a Rockin 36” Arbor board – wow what an excellent board, cool graphics, Paris trucks, 70mm78a wheel, with ABEC 7 bearings. (Any Board!) I asked him to leave it with me, and went to my shop and tore this awesome board apart. Three days later I handed Tom back his new board – He Cried in my shop.  A 54 year old man told me I gave him back – so much – fun, exercise, and memories.

It was at that time I went to my attorney to discuss what I had come up with. He was very impressed and stated that this was the coolest idea in a long time, and that we should patent the idea and go into production. So of course the patents have been filed.

So now you know the story... Please Ride Safe, Ride Long, and Carve your way to a happier, healthier you.

Enjoy,  this is for You !



42fi Systems PhatBlox Sk8spension 1st real ride by James Rotondo in Huntington Beach, CA
James testing the 1st version of PhatBlox in the parking lot of the office